Health Support Worker

Be ready to start an exciting career in Health Care Sector! The Health Support Worker (HSW) program at YUG Academy of Health Care Services will prepare you to work in this growing industry.


As India’s leading health care provider, we understand what it takes to succeed in this industry. Graduates of our program will gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to help clients and their families in a variety of exciting settings. Our inter-nationally recognized curriculum and practical hands-on training ensures graduates can deliver the best possible care in various settings such as hospitals, long-term care and from the comforts of a client’s home.


The Heath Support Worker (HSW) Program is a comprehensive 30-weeks internationally recognized program. Our class timing has been designed to meet the needs of our students. Delivered with an innovative approach and combined with YUG Academy of Health Care Services expertise, as well as over a Decade of experience in health care sector. Our program is sure to prepare you for success. After successful completion of the program, all graduates are guaranteed to assist job interviews Nationwide as well internationally.


At YUG Academy of Health Care Services, we help students to develop a knowledge and skill level that includes basic principles of holistic health care and social service training. The organization aims to provide a new generation of passionate Health Support Workers with the skills they need to help our aging population.



Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of clients and their families?


General Duty Assistant (GDA)


General Duty Assistant (GDA) is also known as “Nursing Care Assistants”, “Nursing Assistants”, “Nursing Aides”, in a hospital setting. General Duty Assistant provide patient’s daily care, patient’s comfort, patient’s safety and assist the patient to meet their health needs. They should practice infection control policy and know right methods of bio medical waste management. GDA works in collaboration with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to deliver the prescribed healthcare services to their patients.

General Duty Assistants should demonstrate basic patient care skills, communication skills, and ethical behavior at all times. He / She should know their work limits and maintains work operations by following policies and procedures. GDA has many career options and can grow to take on more responsibility, similar to an entry level nurse, work independently as a home nurse.


Eligibility criteria for admission


  1. Minimum educational qualifications: Preferably Class X
  2. Minimum Job Entry Age: 19 Years
  3. Maximum Job Entry Age: 38 Years
  4. Experience: Not Applicable


Course Duration 3 months