Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE)

If you are an internationally educated nurse or graduated from one of the colleges or universities in Canada and want to practice nursing in Canada, you’ll need to assess, update and improve yourself to be successful in the RN or RPN exams Our applied programs and courses are specifically designed to help you gain the required knowledge and skills you need to pass the exam and find a job as a Registered Nurse in Canada.


YUG Academy will prepare you to successfully write the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE) by:


  1. Learning about the winning examination techniques and methodology to answer critical thinking questions
  2. Learning about medical technology, terminology and drug therapy theory in Canada
  3. Having your knowledge and clinical skills assessed in comparison to techniques and equipment used in Canada
  4. Exploring issues generated by language banners and cultural differences.


YUG Academy offers through workshop style sessions followed by frequent tests to evaluate your progress and ensure your success in the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE).


The courses are designed to enable completion on a weekly basis time frame. This lets you build your professional credentials while maintaining employment and/or family responsibilities.


Internationally Educated Nurses: Many internationally educated nurses inquire about CRNE and/or CPNRE preparation options. YUG Academy offers an extensive course to all nurses who have completed their recognized nursing program and are ready to begin the exam preparation process.


Program Eligibility


This program is highly recommended for graduates of all accredited/recognized nursing programs who wish to take the RN and/or RPN exam.